3D Bond – Socket Grafting With Buccal Plate Deficiency | VIDEO
3D Bond Protocol For Socket With Flap Reflection
3D Bond Protocol For Socket Without Lifting a Flap
3D Bond Socket Grafting With Buccal Plate Deficiency |VIDEO
3D Bond+™ & Augma Shield™ surgical protocols for socket grafting without flap reflection.
3D Bond+™ & Augma Shield™ Surgical Protocols: Socket Grafting without Flap Reflection
3D Bond+™ Surgical Protocols: Socket Grafting with Flap Reflection
3D Bond+™ Surgical Protocols: Socket Grafting with Flap Reflection
A prospective randomized controlled clinical trial to compare hard tissue changes following socket preservation
The patient presented with compromised teeth and a situation unfavorable for a conventional All-on-4 full arch restoration.
All-on-6 with Zygomatics Implants and Immediate Loading
The patient is a 46-year-old female who came to the clinic for rehabilitation of the lower jaw. The initial consultation revealed generalized chronic periodontitis which led to the loss of posterior teeth 36 (19), 37 (18), 45 (29), 46 (30) & 47 (31) , loss of tooth 35 (20) due to decay, and the presence of wisdom teeth 38 (17) and 48 (32).
Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with Simultaneous Implant Insertion
Biphasic Calcium Sulfate – Overview
Biphasic Calcium Sulfate As an Alternative Grafting Material in Various Dental Applications
Biphasic Calcium Sulfate Grafting: A New Treatment for Peri-Implantitis
Bond Apatite – Socket Grafting With Collagen Sponge | VIDEO
The patient is a 50 year old woman who needs an extraction of tooth #36 (19) due to a fractured root and peri apical infection. We will perform the bone graft with Bond Apatite.
Bone Cement Protocol #2
Bone Preservation in Dehiscence-Type Defects Using Composite Biphasic Calcium Sulfate
Referred by endodontic due to dental lesions on teeth #11 (8), #21 (9) and #22(10). The lesions, were with buccal and platinum rupture. Displacement of the teeth and removal of the lesions for biopsy. Filling the area with Augma. CT 4 months post-op, reentry and implants 6 months post-op.
Bone Regeneration after Radicular Cyst
Calcium sulfate bone void filler: Past and Future clinical use
Clinical and Histological Evaluation of Socket Grafting
Comparative maxillary bone-defect
The patient is a 66 year old, healthy, non-smoking female. Edentulous atrophic maxilla, in the lower jaw, atrophied bone on the right and lost tooth #44 (28) with a fractured root. A lost abutment on the left side, tooth #37 (18) with atrophied bone on the left side as well. Our goal is to maintain all the rest of the remaining teeth.
Complex Rehabilitation
This case presented with a through-and-through cyst above the upper right central incisor #21 (#9). An implant is planned in the mid to long term however there was inadequate bone at presentation to consider this. After discussion with the patient, it was agreed to perform an apicectomy in order to allow bone infill prior to extraction. The cyst was removed, the apex removed and the defect filled with Bond Apatite®.
Cyst Enucleation with Bond Apatite
Socket grafting should be an indispensable part of our daily routine practice for obtaining optimal implant placement and proper functional and aesthetic rehabilitation. Nevertheless, many sockets are left non-grafted after extraction, owing to the complexity and cumbersomeness of traditional grafting
Dr. Amos Yahav – Socket Grafting with Bone Cements
Surgical techniques using bone cements Bone cement provides the dentists with a safe and predictable material to manage and minimize potential hard and soft tissue deficiencies. The goal of this webinar is to emphasize the main hardship of working with
Dr. Amos Yahav – It’s Hard to do Things the Easy Way
Lateral augmentation procedures for the expansion of narrow bone ridges pose complex challenges for the clinician. First, traditional augmentation techniques require extensive knowledge and experience due to the instability of existing bone grafting materials at the implant site. The more
Dr. Amos Yahav – Lateral Ridge Augmentation
The lecture presents dozens of cases of surgical treatment of small and large odontogenic cysts and similar pathologies of the jaws. In the surgical treatment, endodontic microsurgery techniques were used as well as augmentation of bone defects with the use
Dr. Damian Dudek – The Use of Bone Cement in The Support of Surgical Treatment of Odontogenic Cysts
The goal of this webinar is to discuss the mechanism of using Bond Apatite Bone Graft Cement based on literature and clinical experience that was accumulated since the product’s introduction into our clinical lives. This will allow greater understanding of the
Dr. David Baranes – The Evolution of Surgical Technique in The Aesthetic Zone
In this surgery Dr. Jose Camelo Ferreira removes a large cyst and then performs an apicoectomy of the right, first premolar and a small sinus lift. The surgery highlights the various applications of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate.
Dr. Jose Camelo Ferreira – Apicoectomy of the First Right Premolar
In this webinar, Dr. Ferreira shares his journey as an oral surgeon. His time as a specialist in traditional augmentation techniques, and how he adopted a new material and method that changed his surgical practice, along with the clinical experience
Dr. Jose Camelo Ferreira – Discovering the Bone Cement – A Personal Journey
Dr. Mariano Estrada – Revision de técnicas en Aumentos Oseos: Podemos mejorar los protocolos (ES)
Description: The lecture will discuss the use of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate cement in minor oral surgery and implant surgery and guided bone regeneration. Specific clinical situation and techniques will be demonstrated and discussed. Learning Objectives: To introduce the clinician to
Dr. Michael Katzap – Bone Graft Cement in Clinical Applications
This webinar will demonstrate clinical application of Bone Graft Cement. It will discuss the unique biphasic chemical composition of calcium sulfate and its application in bone grafting applications for minor oral surgery and implant surgery. Learning Objectives: What is biphasic
Dr. Michael Katzap – Bone Graft Cement in Clinical Applications
Description: Bone cements have rapidly gained favor in the reality of oral grafting procedures. The utility of cements as a grafting option has proven to be very versatile. We will explore the use of bone cements in very simple to
Dr. Robert Mogyoros – Bone Cement: From the Simple to the Complex
Through clinical cases, we will explore the numerous abilities and advantages of bone grafting from daily practice to complex surgeries. Learning Objectives: ⁃ Discover the interests and the advantages of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate in GBR. ⁃ Understand the potential role
Dr. Stéphane Berg – Biphasic Calcium Sulfate – Use in Surgical Practice Today
Description: Implant placement begins before the extraction stage. Most of the time, dentists are discovering the extent of bone loss during the extraction stage. If nothing is done at this stage, biological healing will leave a gap in the bone,
Dr. Stéphane Berg – Ridge Preservation
The maxillary sinus can be an obstacle in implant treatment planning that can be solved by the mastership of GBR. The combination of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate (BCS) and GBR protocols allows preservation of the sinus floor after extraction along with
Dr. Stéphane Berg – Sinus Lift
Enhancing Extraction Socket Therapy with a Biphasic Calcium Sulfate
Learning Objectives: Learn from experts in the field about complicated surgical procedures. Explain the role of bone cement in immediate, Ao4 type cases. Explain the role of bone cements in zygoma cases. Watch as the experts present and discuss post
Expert Panel – Full Arch Rehabilitation with Bone Cements
In this panel 4 Augma bone cement experts will cover lateral augmentation clinical cases with thorough explanations, useful tips and address questions from clinicians. Experts in the panel: Dr. Michael Katzap, USA Dr. Stephane BERG, France Dr. José Camelo Ferreira,
Expert Panel – Lateral Ridge Augmentation with Augma
Dr. Guy Levi
Extraction & Augmentation with Bond Apatite
Tooth #22 (10) is missing. Teeth #23 (11) & #24 (12) present with untreatable pockets and bone loss.
Extraction, Immediate Implantation, Bone Augmentation & Provisory Rehabilitation
Teeth #12 (7) & #22 (10) are extracted with immediate implants. The soft and hard tissue is augmented with bone cements and a wound dressing is used to promote healing. Follow up takes place over the next 200 days until the final crowns are placed.
Extraction, Immediate Implants & Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation
This live surgery video includes extractions, immediate implant placement, augmentation and a bilateral sinus lift with with Bond Apatite®. The Augma Shield™ is placed above the sutures to improve healing.
Full Arch Reconstruction – Live Surgery Video
Augma’s revolutionary materials open a whole new world of opportunities. Biphasic Calcium Sulfate enables us to perform protocols which are less invasive surgical procedures with full tension on the flap without using a membrane, all while maximal closure is sufficient – the only material in
Full Tension, No Membrane, Maximal Closure – Logic Behind
The patient is a 55 year old, male. A mild smoker with a light form of diabetes which is under control. The osteointegration of the two implants in the area of teeth #44 (28) and #45 (29) was disappointing. The treatment plan was the opening of a surgical flap and augmentation with Augma Bond Apatite®.
GBR with Bond Apatite
The patient presents with an absence of tooth #24 (12)  with loss of bone thickness. The patient wants to have a fixed tooth on #24 (12).
Horizontal Bone Augmentation with Immediate Implant Placement
How To Activate 3D Bond
This is an instructional video that shows how to activate the Bond Apatite syringe.
How To Activate Bond Apatite
How to Claim Your CE – Augma Courses
A collection of How-To Videos by Dr. Amos Yahav in which we see the correct use of 3D Bond+™, Bond Apatite® and Augma Shield™ for socket grafting and lateral augmentation procedures.
How-To | Surgical Protocols
The patient presented for extraction of tooth upper left incisor due to a lose crown. There is a lack of sufficient coronal structure remaining for a predictable restorative prognosis. Pre-surgical radiographs and clinical exam did not reveal any obvious apical pathology.
Immediate Implant with Bond Apatite®
The plan involves the placement of 2 pterygoid implants, 4 zygomatic and one anterior implant in the remaining bone. Bond Appetite® filling the bone defects, for enlarging the bone width and covering the zygomatic implants buccally in order to achieve sufficient width around the implants and long term soft tissue health.
Immediate Loading in an Atrophied Maxilla
The patient is a healthy 56 year old male. He presented with teeth #11 (8) and #21 (9) root canaled, with bone resorption and fistulas. Treatment planning included a first stage tooth extraction with immediate implant placement, bone grafting with Augma Bond Apatite® and immediate provisional crown loading.
Immediate Loading in the Aesthetic Zone
After activation, eject the material into a dish and let it set for 3 minutes. Use the syringe as a carrier (Any other bone carriers can be used as well). Place the material and use an osteotomy to push it inside.
Instructional Video – Closed Sinus Lift Protocol
Prepare the site for grafting. Place the cement and then press for 3 seconds with a finger, and again for 3 seconds with a periosteal elevator. Close the flap with tension.
Instructional Video – Lateral Augmentation Protocol
Activate the syringe and wait 1 minute before application. Eject the cement into the sinus cavity through the sinus lateral window until 2/3 of the sinus is filled.  For filling the last 1/3 and closing the sinus window. After activation of the cement (Do not wait 1 minute, eject it immediately into the site, place sterile dry gauze, press firmly for 3 seconds, and close the flap.
Instructional Video – Open Sinus Lift Protocol
Protect the cement by covering it with a collagen sponge and secure the sponge in place to the surrounding soft tissue by an initial suture, thereafter with a cross suturing above. During the initial stage of healing, the cement should not be left exposed.
Instructional Video – Socket Grafting without Flap Reflections – Collagen Sponge Protocol
Instructional video showing socket preservation with flap reflection using Augma Bond Apatite.
Instructional Video – Socket Preservation with Flap Reflection Protocol
No need to raise a flap. Extract the tooth and prepare the socket for grafting. Eject the cement into the socket. Press firmly over the cement for 3 seconds using dry sterile unfolded gauze and finger pressure followed by another 3-second press with
Instructional Video – Socket Grafting without Flap Reflections – Augma Shield™ Protocol
Raise a flap The flap should be minimally reflected in order to expose the entire grafted site (Only one vertical cut should be performed no more than 2-3 mm into the mobile mucosa). Do not perform any horizontal periosteal dissection
Lateral Augmentation/Crest & Ridge Widening
Replace missing teeth #26 (14) & #27 (15). An open sinus lift using the lateral window approach was performed, using Augma Bond Apatite®. Implants are placed 5 month post-op with successful osteointegration see 4 months post implant placement.
Lateral Window Sinus Lift
In this live surgery, Dr. Jose Camelo Ferreira performs a lateral ridge augmentation that is as less traumatic as possible in the fifth sextant of the mandible to able us to put an implant on the missing inferior left central incisive
Live Surgery – Lateral Ridge Augmentation
This course covers 3 intra crestal sinus lift surgeries including treatment plan, live surgery without edits, X-ray post op and an extended Q&A session. Surgeries are performed by Dr. David Baranes and are explained by Dr. Amos Yahav.
Live Surgery – Sinus Lift
Watch a socket grafting procedure with a coverage of Augma Shield™Wound Dressing, including a Q&A session directly from ABCA live surgery
Live Surgery – Socket Grafting with Bond Apatite and Augma Shield™ Wound Dressing
Sinus Lift – Lateral Window Approach Activate the syringe and wait 1 minute before application. Eject the cement into the sinus cavity through the sinus lateral window until 2/3 of the sinus is filled (During cement dispersion in the sinus cavity, if needed tap gently above the
Open Sinus Lift Lateral Window Approach
Osteotome Sinus Augmentation with Less Than 5 mm of Native Bone
Properties and Clinical Applications of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate
Purpose: To compare dimensional changes and bone quality of two different grafting materials used for socket preservation. Materials and Methods: Thirty-three patients requiring extraction were recruited and randomly assigned to receive: biphasic calcium sulfate/ hydroxyapatite (BCS/HA); bovine derived xenograft (BDX)
Prospective randomized controlled clinical trial to compare hard tissue changes following socket preservation using alloplasts, xenografts vs no grafting: Clinical and histological findings
Due to the replacement of the cement into the patients’ own bone, the Radiographic appearance will vary during the healing period. During graft placement – Radiopaque 2-3 weeks post-op – Radiolucent 12 weeks post-op – Radiopaque
Radiographic Appearance
Reconstruction Of A Large Bone Deficiency In The Aesthetic Zone | VIDEO
Ridge Preservation Using Composite Alloplastic Materials
Extraction of a fractured and infected tooth. The sinus communication was repaired using 3D Bond, and Bond Apatite was then used for filling the bone defect.
Sinus Communication Repaired with 3D Bond® & Bond Apatite®
Sinus Lift – Intra Crestal Approach
Sinus Lift – Intra Crestal Approach
Sinus Lift – Lateral Window Approach Activate the syringe and wait 1 minute before application. Eject the cement into the sinus cavity through the sinus lateral window until 2/3 of the sinus is filled (During cement dispersion in the sinus cavity, if needed tap gently above the
Sinus Lift – Lateral Window Approach
Socket Grafting – No Buccal Wall | VIDEO
Before Flap reflection perform mesial oblique vertical incision (up to 2 mm into the mobile mucosa).  Raise full thickness flap, minimally as needed to expose the entire defect (Do not perform any manipulation to get tension free flap. No horizontal dissection release cuts,
Socket Grafting With Flap Reflection
Eject the cement into the socket.  Press firmly over the cement for 3 seconds using dry sterile unfolded gauze and finger pressure followed by another 3-second press with a peritoneal elevator.
Socket Preservation Without Flap Reflection
The patient is a Female, 38 years old and non smoker. She had an edentulous area for more than 10 years. The height of the under sinus bone: #15 (4) was 8 mm and #16 (3) was 4 mm. We
Summers’ Sinus Lift Using Augma Bond Apatite – A Case Report
Surgical Techniques Using Bone Cement Live Surgery Cases Review (Extraction and Socket Management)
The Biologic Effects of Bond Apatite® in New Bone Formation in Osseous Defects
Listen on Apple Podcast (iTunes) Listen on Google Podcast    EPISDOE 1 – “Starting from the Beginning” We took Dr. Yahav Amos, founder and CEO of Augma Biomaterials, for an in-depth discussion around the factors that led to the development
The Bone Cement Podcast – #1 Dr. Amos Yahav
EPISDOE #2-#4 – “The Logic Behind” This time we focus on the logic behind bone cement protocols through 3 key questions that contradict traditional bone grafting principles: #2 – Why Full Tension #3 – Why No Membrane #4 – Why
The Bone Cement Podcast – #2 The Logic Behind
EPISDOE #5 – “Off to the Races with Dr. Jonathan Abenaim” We hosted Dr. Abenaim for a fascinating podcast that transcended way beyond the dental treatment and touched the importance of patience for dentists, the significance of  non-verbal communication and the commitment to his patients.
The Bone Cement Podcast – #5 Off to the Races with Dr. Jonathan Abenaim
EPISODE #6 – “Spread the Word with Michael Katzap DDS” We enjoyed having our bone cement expert Dr. Michael Katzap for an in-depth discussion on his early career and the applications of bone cements. Michael shared his view on how
The Bone Cement Podcast – #6 Spread the Word with Michael Katzap DDS
EPISODE #7 – “Breaking Paradigms with Dr. Alberto Miselli” We were privileged to have Dr. Alberto Miselli for a fascinating discussion around personal and professional topics. Among the topics covered, Miselli shares his view on how it is mandatory to
The Bone Cement Podcast – #7 Breaking Paradigms with Dr. Alberto Miselli
EPISODE #8 – “Positive Forces with Dr. Omri Rudberg” “The corona is forcing the world to improve”. We had the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Omri Rudberg about his journey starting from the geriatric field and the need to help
The Bone Cement Podcast – #8 Positive Forces with Dr. Omri Rudberg
EPISODE #9 – “Pushing the Boundaries with Dr. Robert Mogyoros” We had the privilege of hosting Dr. Robert Mogyoros to discuss how he is utilizing bone cements to push the envelope, turning complicated surgeries into much simpler procedures. Dr. Mogyoros
The Bone Cement Podcast – #9 Pushing the Boundaries with Dr. Robert Mogyoros
The Use of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate (Bond Apatite®) for Surgical Treatment of Osseous Defects Resulting from Radicular Cysts – Clinical Study of 6 Months Follow‑up 
The Use of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate for Surgical Treatment of Osseous Defects Resulting from Radicular Cysts

The use of grafting material biphasic calcium sulfate for the treatment of osseous defects resulting from radicular cysts. Clinical study and six-month follow up
ontogenic cysts using a biphasic calcium sulfate composite bone graft.
The using of biphasic calcium sulfate in two-stage treatment of odontogenic fibroma of the mandible – Case Report
This webinar covers the work with bone cements from multiple aspects. For new users, This webinar provides you practical tips which increase predicatbility and clinical success. For existing users across all levels, this webinar will allow you to elevate your
Tips for Success with Bone Cements
Two Composite Bone Graft Substitutes for Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation
What to Expect – Soft Tissue Healing
What to Expect 3D Bond
Пациентът е с липсващи централни резци, с голям дефект на горния ляв централен резец, видим при усмивка. Билото беше стеснено и щеше да даде незадоволителен резултат. Поставя се Bond Apatite® и отложеният дехисценция завършва след 4 месеца.
Горни централни резци, уголемяване и импланти
Пациентът е представен с нагнояване, болка и подвижност в зъб №11 (8). Диагноза на нелечима пародонтална лезия, пациентът е насочен за компютърна томография. Екстракция на зъб №11 (8) и дегранулация на лезията. Дефектът е запълнен с Bond Apatite® .
Екстракция на централния резец
Пациентът се представя с подвижност и фистула на зъби #31 (24) и #41 (25) без очевидна причина, освен падане няколко месеца по-рано. Започнато е кореново лечение на двата зъба, с шиниране за стабилизиране на зъбите. Кореновият канал е завършен с доказателства за зарастване на кост на върха.
Коренови канали и аугментация с Бонд Апатит
Пациентът има вертикална и странична загуба на кост . Аблацията на заразената тъкан беше завършена с помощта на ербиев YSGG лазер (2780nm), след което беше направено увеличаване с помощта на Augma Bond Apatite. Посещението след 4 месеца след операцията показа здрава гингива без джобове, а рентгеновите изображения показват растеж кост .
Лазерно асистирано лечение на периимплантит с Bond Apatite
Пациентът е насрочен за втори етап на операция на 6 месеца. Беше забелязан огромен дефект на превръзка поради неуспешен GBR, имплантът беше определен като стабилен. Беше взето решение да се коригира с Bond Apatite® .
Неуспешна корекция на GBR с Bond Apatite®
Отворен синус лифт с Bond Apatite
50 годишна жена, непушачи, с леко сърдечно заболяване. Пациентът дойде с подвижен мост над счупен зъб №46 (30), липсващ зъб №47 (31), зъб №44 (28) с подвижни корени и възстановяване почти до височината на кост . Дисталната опора на стария мост беше счупена и счупена за дълъг период от време поради пандемията Covid-19. Предната опора е подвижна и целият мост е подвижен. Гребенът на кост е тънък, както ще видим. Планът се изпълняваше на етапи.
Рехабилитация на хребет и големи костни дефекти, дължащи се на фрактури на корена
Странично увеличаване на долната дясна долна челюст. След декориране на зоната се извършва уголемяване с Augma Bond Apatite.
Странична аугментация с помощта на Bond Apatite®