Lateral Augmentation/Crest & Ridge Widening

  1. Raise a flap
    • The flap should be minimally reflected in order to expose the entire grafted site (Only one vertical cut should be performed no more than 2-3 mm into the mobile mucosa). Do not perform any horizontal periosteal dissection for release.
  2.  Prepare the site for grafting
  3.  Cement application
    • Apply the cement and press firmly for 3 seconds to adapt to the defect using sterile dry gauze.
    • If needed, apply an additional layer to obtain the desired volume (slightly overfill).
    • Press firmly with the dry sterile gauze for 3 seconds after each layer.
    • Press again with a periosteal elevator in order to compact and compress the cement well.
  4. Flap Closure
    • Reposition the flap by stretching it directly above the cement for maximal closure (up to 2-3 mm of graft exposure is fine but not more than that).
    • Suture first the mesial corner, then distal, in between, and lastly the vertical aspect. 

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